Monday, November 12, 2007

My Gadgets

I'm often asked what technology I own and why. Here's the rundown:

My personal laptop is a Dell D420 1.06 GHz Core Solo with 1 Gig of RAM running Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, Open Office 2.3, Firefox and Evolution email 2.12 connected to Exchange 2003. I typically replace my laptop every two years because my 400,000 miles of travel each year are brutal on keyboards and screens. My criteria for laptops is simple: 2.5 pounds or less, 5 hour battery life, 12" screen so that I can use it in a coach airline seat, and no built in DVD/CD to reduce weight. The Dell D420 and the Lenovo X61 are the only machines that seem to currently meet these requirements. As I've said many times, I will migrate to an Apple subnotebook as soon as one that meets the specifications above is produced.

My home desktop is an iMac 20" 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo with 2 Gigs of RAM running Leopard, Open Office 2.3, Firefox, and Photoshop CS3. I replace my home desktop every 3-4 years to ensure hardware compatibility with new operating system and application releases. My criteria for a home computer includes the ability to manage personal media including video editing, digital photography, and self recorded mp3 (I play the Japanese flute), plus support for web browsing. The 20" screen is the perfect balance between readability and desk real estate.

My mobile device is a Blackberry 8707G worldphone with an AT&T Sim Card. The selection process for my mobile device was particularly challenging, since I wanted one device that could work on every square inch of the planet. My quest is described in my blog entry here

I drive a 2005 Prius with built in bluetooth capability. As I touch the car, it senses a bluetooth fob on my body and unlocks the door. I push the start button and begin driving. My Blackberry instantly bonds with the Prius, so that my phone is controlled by the car as a drive.

I own a iPod Nano loaded with a few dozen of my own Shakuhachi recordings

My printers all all HP - at the office, I use an HP LaserJet 1200 and at home I use an HP K550 network printer

I do not carry a pager, a bluetooth headset, or a personal GPS, although I do own a Garmin Etrex for Geocaching

I have an implanted RFID as described in my earlier blog post here

By limiting my technology to a Blackberry 8707G and a Dell D420, I limit the weight I carry on the road as well the risk of device theft or damage. I'm a strong believer in redundancy and I do carry a 1 Gig USB drive in my wallet containing all my recent hard drive contents, just in case!

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Unknown said...

It's really nice to see a CIO who's touched such a diverse list of desktop & OS technologies. This is especially true of Linux.

My cousin is applying for a school board head tech job (for a small community, 7 schools) he's probably a shoe in, but is asking for some face time with my new Macbook, and my Linux desktop. Louisiana just had a bunch of Macs donated and I guess my home town got some. He'll pick up quick, cause he's that type. It just goes to show the demands now-a-days.

I personally run a Ubnuntu Gutsy Gibbon computer I built from components at home, on a 32 inch Samsung LCD tv. It's main purpose is acting as a server really, watching DVDs, and checking my email in the morning. My latest project is a website for my MBA marketing class project ( ). It's nice to have an environment to do that sort of stuff in. That's all it really is though, a play environment.

My laptop, I just got beginning of October, is a MacBook running Leopard. I absolutely love it. For everything I want to do it's great. I am a little disappointed in Numbers though. I'm a data / graph junkie in my Decision support department, and while Numbers looks awesome, it doesnt have the power of Excel. I'll be buying the next Office suite for mac.

My phone is a plain-jane Motorola Razr. I'm looking to upgrade though.

I have 2 Ipod's, a 1st Gen Nano, and a 2nd Gen shuffle. Mainly used for my trips to the gym.

I use a plain Dell old one. I'm sure Im reaching the top of my hospitals upgrade roster soon though.