Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My Technology Christmas List for 2017

Although this week will be lighter because of the holidays,  the work never ends.   At the Sanctuary, I'm using our Terex skid steer and its attachments (consensus method from forums suggests the "blade" to create windrows then the snowblower attachment to move the windrows. Light snow - blade only). Although we did not receive more than a few inches of snow, we are getting early bitter cold, so snow will not be melting for the next 10 days.  It was a very white Christmas!

Here's my technology Christmas list for 2017

The Sanctuary now uses outdoor Nest cameras so that we can remotely view the animals to better keep them safe.

To enhance reliability, I needed to install a mesh network first to boost the signal.

Now we can see what is happening if the Great Pyrenees bark at night, or if we hear Star the donkey braying.

May your 2018 be happy and healthy.